Roberts Congregational

United Church of Christ

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Let God - Believe

So much around us tells us we are unworthy and oftentimes worse.  In a world that sets unattainable standards for but a few people, we are in need of looking at ourselves and asking the hard question, “Could it really be that easy?  Just let go and believe?”  The world around us makes things sound so easy, promises so much, and lets us down again and again.  It makes us distrustful of everything, even God!  Come and join us today as we explore the hard question around trusting the promises of God, not just because we are told to but because we have so many examples of how God’s promises are kept.


Prayer...Act and Action

Prayer is one of those things we hold near and dear as Christians.  It is not always as easy as some would like to believe.  There are the prayers we have been taught and we know by heart, but what about those times we need something else…something other than the ones we know.  Then the question becomes what is prayer?  Sometimes we define it as a conversation.  Sometimes we define it as a confession or a plea for a need, forgiveness, or desire.  None of these are bad definitions.  Yet, there seems to be something more in what prayer is.  Come and join us as we explore prayer and some of the ways Scripture shows us prayer in acts and in actions. .


Learning Something New

Valued and Called

Dusty Feet and Joyous Hearts

Carry on the Mantle of Faith

God Has This!

The Story is Still Being Written

Come and Welcome

Returning to a New Way